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Neale has been a successful and innovative almond grower for many years and is highly respected in the Almond industry.  He was appointed sole distributor for Flory machinery and parts in Australia in 2006 and has since added OMC and Jackrabbit to the distributorship.  He has an extensive knowledge of spare parts and a large stock on hand for most harvest and pre-harvest requirements.

Neale has always been supported by his wife Deb, who has provided all administrative support to the business.

As the business has grown, additions to the team include:

Service mechanics – Nick Walker and Craig McDonald

Admin Assistant- Corliss McBain

Storeman – Mark Fabich

Service of all harvest machinery is now available.  Nick and Craig have recently been to the USA to work with Flory, OMC and Jackrabbit mechanics during the US harvest and are factory trained.